Do you have to be Vegan to attend?

Absolutely not, we encourage Vegans to bring their non-vegan friends and people to come out and see what the hype is about.

How old do you have to be to attend?

You must be 18+ to attend VEGANCHILL. We will be checking IDs at the entrance. No kids or babies are allowed. Please make prior arrangements for your children before attending. We will not make any exceptions.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed. Please leave your cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. at home. Give them a kiss before you leave.

What can & can't I bring?

You can not bring any outside food or drinks into VEGANCHILL. We will be checking backpacks to make sure no food,drinks, sharp objects are being brought in for everyone's safety. Do bring your phones, portable charges, refillable water bottles (empty), a state issued ID, and money.

What time does the event start?

VEGANCHILL will open the doors at 11AM for VIP tickets doing yoga - Regular VIP ticket holders will enter event at 12PM who aren't doing yoga. 12PM is general admission entry. The event will be done at 6PM.

Will there be parking?

We recommend you arrive early, there is parking at the venue but it is limited. We recommend to car-pool or UBER/Lyft. 

Is there AC?

The venue has AC inside and there will be shaded areas outside.

I have a VIP ticket with tote-bag, where do I get my merchandise I paid for?

There will be a merchandise table, present your ticket given to you at the door for your merchandise when you arrive!

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